About EOS Cinemas

About EOS Cinemas

About Us


To be recognized as a leading multiplex company in India through our performance and our people - providing the best of the services using state-of-the-art technologies, thereby adding real value to customers


To be the best multiplex chain in the otherwise unserved and underserved markets of India, thorough our robust growth strategy involving innovation, continuous improvement, business acquisitions and brand building

Experience EOS Cinemas

Enjoying a movie at EOS is a vivid experience that engages all senses. EOS provides an amazing movie-going experience which is made possible by our use of the latest available digital projection and sound equipments. Moreover, the lavish, tempting F&B counters put forward a spectacular menu to suit all audience. Completing the experience is our pleasant, young, friendly, welcoming staff and F&B service on seats ensuring that patrons have an uninterrupted movie viewing pleasure. Location, technology usage, ambience & well-designed interiors are the elements that make up EOS Cinemas.

We are one of the fastest growing multiplex chains in emerging Indian cities penetrating rapidly in underserved and unserved but high-growing markets. We are, via multiple development models, creating a multiplex operation and management business under the brand EOS Cinemas, targeting the core movie viewing demographic. Our goal is to establish EOS Cinemas as the leading multiplex cinema chain for emerging India, delivering international cinema experience based on our strategy to identify an optimum and profitable cinema configuration.

We are also one of the best options for commencing and sustaining any advertisement campaign in these markets owing to our distinctive benefit of having a loyal audience base who want to repeat their movie-going experience with EOS due to our services and ambience. Branding with EOS proves to be effective and creates a high impact on the target audience.