Advertising and Branding

Advertising and Branding

Ideal Spaces for High-impact Advertising

Branding at EOS Cinemas

Multiplex Advertising is an idea to get the right exposure for your company. We have a team of cinema advertising experts with ample experience exclusively in the movie advertising industry. In our effort to create one-stop entertainment destinations, we have succeeded in creating ideal spaces for high-impact advertising by extending the amount of time a customer spends on the property.

At EOS Cinemas, we offer the perfect platform, both on and off-screen to have an inventive reach to your target. You may represent your brand’s USP on the large screen, provide sampling options at the snack counters, include eye-catching promotional material at the ticket counter, restrooms, lounge area, and have interactive zones to engage your audience. With us, you have the option to pick and choose your audiences on the basis of the location of the theatre, movie genre, language, show timings, etc. This makes the branding at EOS Cinemas most viable for marketers looking for penetration to the larger audience that they wish to address. We provide both on and off screen advertising avenues whatever are more suitable to you.

On Screen Advertisements:

  • Static / Mute Slides
  • Audio Slides
  • Ad Films

Off Screen Advertisements:

  • Box Office and Out Door Branding
  • Inside Audi Branding
  • Lobby Branding
  • Staircase Branding
  • Lift Branding
  • Candy Bar Branding
  • Main Entrance Branding

Special targeted local points, multiple displays, exterior and interior view spaces make EOS Cinemas a perfect choice as your brand outlet.

Lobby and Pillar Branding

On Screen Visuals

Plasma Branding

Staircase Branding

Seat Branding

Standee Branding

Lift Branding

Contact for Advertisements

A Multitude of advertising options within the property enables you to not only capture the eyeballs of your target group in an ambient environment, but also help in enhancing the imagery of your brand. For more information about our cinemas, please write to:

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